" Working with Lianda is like having a direct line to the Universe – she is a crystal clear channel and brings so much clarity and magic to each session. I turned to Lianda for guidance when I was in a rocky relationship and was unfulfilled by my work. After being coached / reiki healed by her, my life completely turned upside down. I met my soulmate and we moved in together in our dream home in the redwoods, and I started my business and I've never been happier. If it weren't for Lianda, I would have never been able to listen to my intuition, trust my heart and follow the wisdom from my higher self to be my most authentic self. Now I wake up with magic in my bones and sparkles in my heart. Thank you Lianda! " - Rachel

"I first started my healing sessions with Lianda when I was in my early twenties, and looking for balance and insight into my future. I was considering ending a very long, 7 year relationship and changing careers. I felt lost and was living with a lot of anxiety. Lianda gave me my first Reiki session in which I experienced an immediate shift. This shift was subtle at first, like a realignment with my self.. a centering I felt I had lost. The reading she gave before and after was filled with so much grace and clear insight which helped me to steer myself onto a more authentic track and ultimately make courageous decisions to seek out a more fulfilling career and end my relationship that I knew wasn't right. I had a number of Reiki sessions over the years with Lianda, for both emotional, spiritual and physical reasons. Once when I had a severe outbreak of eczema, which helped to calm the inflammation and reduce the pain. I've also had extremely powerful angel card reading sessions with Lianda. I've worked with other healers before, and have never trusted one's intuition and reading more than I do her. When she channels, everything she is sharing is EXACTLY what I need in that moment and so spot on. She has helped me get closer to myself and heal in more ways than any other spiritual guide I've known."- Lauren

“Lianda has such a great energy about her and genuinely enjoys bringing positivity, insight and love into the lives of those around her!  I've had the good fortune to experience reiki, meditation, spiritual readings and some great and insightful conversations about life and the future with her; all have been extremely rewarding and positive experiences.” - Brett

“I had a reiki session with Lianda during a very stressful time. I was feeling very overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure. After the reiki session I felt relaxed, and in the following days felt calmer and was able to view the seemingly insurmountable issues with a lot more clarity. Lianda is a very peaceful and caring person and I felt immediately at ease and very comfortable in her presence.” - Diana

“I was skeptical of some of the spirit world type of healing/feeling good experiences, but after talking with Lianda and having a couple of her sessions, I really believe there are people who are connected to the spiritual world, and Lianda is certainly one of them. She has been sent here to change us - she puts you at ease with her Reiki healing, and her meditation style, is completely relaxing…” - Ian