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3/1/2011 - Messages from the Universe

"TUT- Totally Unique Thoughts!"

This is my FAVORITE email to get every morning!I love this site, the people behind it, and the messages. These are messages from the “Universe.” These are FREE emails that have little inspirational truths for you every day that may just put you in a great state of mind.

I totally believe that you get the message you’re meant to read that very day. I can’t tell you how synchronistic these messages are for me, it’s nuts, and totally cool!

The messages are playful,silly and sometimes totally cheesy, but they'll make you smile.

They help you to remember who you are, how perfect your life is right now, in this moment, and how silly all the “mess and stress and little obstacles” in our lives can be, even though that stress can feel very real and overwhelming to us, we can control how we react to it.

Everything is actually going really well, we just have to stop, take a second, and see it.

Life’s too short to be taken seriously and these guys certainly make you laugh with some humorous ways of taking away the false ideas and beliefs we feel and believe about ourselves.

If anything, they’re just another thing to make you feel good in the AM!

Enjoy your personal dose of the Universe!

Read more about the founder Mike Dooley. He was featured in The Secret, and has a NYT Best Seller!

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inspired to embrace the universe
Hi Lianda. Just thought I would pop into your blog, as it has been a while. I saw your post on Notes from the Universe and was inspired to actually embrace the Universe. I have had a lot of negativity of late and blamed the Universe but it is useless, I know. So, I am now a TUT Adventurer and can't wait to see what the universe can tell me.
Posted By: Lainie THORNTON

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