C. J. Sapong

Forward, Philadelphia Union

"Lianda is a bright soul who's radiance can be felt even through the phone! She does very well at articulating what it is that you need to focus on to ensure healing and growth!"

Steven Pasqule

Actor, The Good Wife

"Lianda’s energy work has been essential to me in my work. She understands the power that surrounds us at all times and has a wonderful ability to articulate exactly the thing that allows you to take that one step into a more peaceful mind. This can be essential in an artists life. She gets my highest recommendation."

Rachel Rossitto

Entrepreneur + GirlBoss

Working with Lianda is like having a direct line to the Universe – she is a crystal clear channel and brings so much clarity and magic to each session. I turned to Lianda for guidance when I was in a rocky relationship and was unfulfilled by my work. After being coached and healed by her, my life completely transformed. I met my soulmate and we moved in together in our dream home in the redwoods. I've started my business and I’ve never been happier.”

J.R. Rain

Best Selling Author

"I was so fortunate to experience a healing session with Lianda! From her choice of soothing music, to her electrified and healing touch, I cannot recommend Lianda Swain enough. I am honored and blessed to work with her."




Rachael Webb

Spiritual Business Coach

Lianda's meditations and videos are transformational events that have shifted my life tremendously.  Her ability to tap into her cosmic connection is fluid and seamless. She dances in both the practical day to day world, and the intuitive psychic world simultaneously. Lianda is a bright light, inspiring all of us that the connection with spirit can be easy and beautiful. 

raynaphoto 2.jpg

Rayna Epstein

20- Something Miracle Worker

Before I worked with Lianda, I had been feeling trapped within the confines of my own mind. Throughout our work, her presence alone shined brightly enough to illuminate all that I had been disconnected from.  She radiates positivity, optimism, and pure love. For anyone who is struggling, who has been feeling stuck in sad or anxious moods and patterns of thinking...for anyone who is struggling to accept themselves or other people around them...and also for anyone is indeed already feeling in a content place with themselves and those surrounding them, I cannot recommend a visit to Lianda more.  I guarantee that if you allow yourself to be open to her guidance, love, and support, you will leave feeling an inner peace and new perspective of the universe that will create a happier and more fulfilling life, every single day.