When I was 17 and studying abroad in Australia, a man, whom I believe was an angel in disguise, stopped me on the side of the street and said, " You're very empathetic, ya know. " 

I asked: " What does that mean? "

He replied: " It means you can feel other people's feelings very deeply, as if they are your own. "

I raced to my apartment, looked up empathy, resonated so deeply with everything that I read ... and thus my spiritual journey began!

Ever since that moment, my angel in disguise, awoke an awareness within myself that would change my life forever.

Since that moment, I've developed my intuitive abilities as a way of serving the world and my very own healing. 

I learned that my gifts are powerful and important, and that every single one of us has intuitive abilities that can guide us to the perfect path for our spiritual growth and ultimate joy.







It is true, we have the power to guide our lives, we have a love inside of us that conquers all fear, and we have an internal guide that knows exactly what we need, in every moment of our existence.

So, how do we use this power? Where is it? How can we trust it? How can we hear it, feel it, see it? Does the Universe really have our back?

This is what I love helping you experience. Together, we awaken your own divine power, your sacred gift of intuition, awareness, and freedom... true freedom. 

Over the last 8 years, I've learned how to heal the body through the channeling of energy as a Reiki Master, I've developed my intuitive abilities so that I can read your energy, your current life circumstances and receive insights into what steps would be most enlightening to take next. I've developed the skills to help you see your blocks and together, move beyond them. I've cultivated a refined empathy to deeply understand your universe and "see" what your Spirit desires for you. 

Deep down, we are mystical beings, we are magical manifestors, and we co-create our reality with a force of Love called the Universe. 

Ready to tune into that power?

Ready to awaken?